FENS Media

FENS Media comprises five databases of scheduled future news events:

  • FENS World
  • FENS Middle East
  • FENS UK General
  • FENS UK Business
  • FENS UK Entertainment

FENS Celebrity

FENS Celebrity comprises:

Celebrity Bulletin: a database of celebrity activities and a daily email bulletin

Celebrity Contacts: a database of celebrity contacts and access to our celebrity research team – by phone or email

FENS Travel

Using geo-location data and mapping tools, combined with editorial content, FENS Travel features the details of over 3000 venues in the UK alone. This is linked to news on forthcoming events for up to 12 months in advance. Data feed or white label website available.


Our additional services include:

UK and global ExpertSources

UK Media database and press release distribution service

FENS Connect - a tool for identifying spokespeople

About FENS

For over half a century, FENS has provided hundreds of newsrooms in the UK and around the world with their news diaries - so they can have their journalists in the right place, at the right time.

Our dedicated editorial team covers everything from celebrity visits to summit meetings.

Governments, businesses, PR consultancies, universities, charities and NGOs use us because they need to know what events lie ahead, so that they can organise their activities to have the maximum impact.

More about FENS

Our Databases

Our databases are available online and are browseable by date, region, country, category, as well as by keywords.

We also provide email alerts, which are sent out daily or weekly - you decide.

Our dashboard allows you to save your searches, so that you can re-use them. This saves time if you have complex search criteria that you need to use again and again.

If you have any questions about FENS and its databases of future news events, please contact us.